Yes, your money counts! Everything you buy makes an impact. Buy smart and help save the planet, your wallet and your health!.

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1. Your wallet


The cheapest options to buy soap bars at Etos:

Vinolia Tres Chic Zeep: € 2.00

Vinolia Lelietjes van Dalen Zeep: € 2.01

2. Less plastic

Nesti Dante is a great brand that sells their soap in plastic-free packaging.


3. The airport security

You don’t have to worry anymore about taking too many MLs of your favourite soap as bars are allowed in any size or shape.

4. Less greenhouse gasses

Because liquid shower gels contain a lot of water, this water is shipped around the world and takes up unnecessary weight and volume. Using a soap bar is the most efficient way of transporting your shower treatments. Take this Unicura soap for instance.

5. Your health

Get the best products that treat your skin the best way possible.


Check out all Etos’ soap here.

Test with dev product

In this article, we help you choose the best soap bars. Because they might feel old-fashioned, they are by far the most eco-friendly option for your personal hygiene.



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