Curate a Grown Up Space in Time for Holiday Hostessing

By Karen Morales

interior design ideas

Congratulations, you got your first apartment! Sure, you may spend more time ordering Chinese takeout then whipping up a home cooked meal in the kitchen, and you still have to refrain from splurging on shoes in order to pay the rent on time…But, it’s your very own apartment.

Your parents couldn’t be prouder. They’re so proud in fact, that they invite themselves and the rest of the family to your new place for Thanksgiving dinner. You look around at your bare walls, the dining table overcrowded with magazine subscriptions and bills, and the futon-slash-couch in the living room. You’ve got some work to do.

Luckily, with some chic decor, you can spruce up the home and make it more of an grown-up pad. Because who doesn’t want to impress their stuck-up sister and hard-to-please parents?

Just saying….

Three Sculptures To Turn Your Dwelling into a Modernist Shrine!

By Karen Morales

Moving into a new abode can be overwhelming and stressful. But the chance to start with a blank canvas for your new home’s interior design makes up for it. Once you have the bare necessities covered – you know, bed, couch, the basics – it’s on to the fun stuff: Decor! Consider adding in sculptural decor in your home for an impressive – and personal – touch.

animal sculptures
1.) The Adornment Sculpture: Small and unobtrusive objects that can be placed on coffee tables, fireplace mantels, and shelves. Dwell Studios by Global Views golden animal sculptures are charming knick-knacks. The elephant is an ancient symbol of good luck.


2.) The Statement Piece: These types of sculptures go well in the foyer, or by the entrance of your home, so that your guests are initially greeted by your good taste. The Free-Form Sculpture by John-Richard Collection is a dynamic piece.

tripod mag rack

3.) The Utility Piece: There’s nothing better than a piece of decor that not only looks good but can also be utilized! This magazine rack doubles as a contemporary sculpture, so you can stash your architecture mags – and maybe a gossip rag tucked away for later.

Decor Inspiration: Artsy Kitsch

By Karen Morales

Kitsch style, although endearing,  has long been synonymous with tacky and distasteful. In the art world, kitsch is the combination of low-brow and high-brow. It is usually mass produced design influenced by pop culture and high class art. If you have a knack for kitschy decor, it can be possible to furnish your home with it in a thoughtful and appealing way.

Often, kitsch art can be so over the top, that it’s important to have carefully picked out items here and there, so as not to overwhelm the place. Accents such as a quirky greek muse inspired candle, or a couple of Fornasetti pillows are kitschy but not overpowering.


Go a little more subtle with your large furniture, like Massoud’s Danbery Bergere Chair that contains classical European monarchy detailing with more modern chinoiserie print.

If kitsch tickles your fancy, don’t let negative connotations stop you. Art is art, and if done right, this style of decor can add character to a home. Now all you’re missing is a Jeff Koons!

Making the Most of a Small Space

By Karen Morales


The mind tends to mimic the atmosphere it is surrounded by. If you live in a crowded, cluttered space plagued with busy wall decor, and claustrophobic furniture, you won’t be your best, happiest self.

To open up a room and make the most of its limited space, keep these interior design tricks in mind:

1.) Mirrors are a great way to add extra light in a room and create the illusion of more space.
2.) Raising your sofa even just a bit creates a sense of light and space.
3.) De-clutter by organizing your things on shelves along the walls. Mirrored shelves are a plus.
4.) Multi-functional furniture, like a storage ottoman, eliminates the need for extra storage space.